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Organic and ecological

We are certified. We work ecological: only cold tunnels,we compost and ferment.

De Plukboerderij van Schelle



Important for us....

The SOLIDARITY between farmers and participants. By paying a harvest share in dvance, the team of farmers gets access to its working funds.Risks are shared togehter, although dimished by a large diversity of vegetables growen (over 70 differents crops)

Participants take RESPONISIBLITY for the success of this project based on trust: you harvest just what you need, not more, you handle with care for the environment, the people, the animals and plants..

BROAD VISION : The Plukboerderij is more than just harvesting vegetables and picking fruits, farm life is just as much of importance : enjoying nature, feeling the earth with you own hands, It's all about gettining to know nature better.

PARTICIPATION of shareholders in the farm management. The price of the harvest share, the number of participants are determined in common agreement, Shared evaluation and planning of the season.

ORGANIC AND ECOLOGICAL: we choose for organic certification. We offer you a year round the season vegetables.

about us ...

The Plukboerderij is a CSA initative (Community Supported Agriculture).

In the Plukboerderij a team of farmer produces vegetables and fruit for a group of households. These households buy a harvest share at the beginning of the season which allows them to harvest their vegetables and fruits on the field. Participants can come whenever it suits them 7/7. Community building is part of the initiative. They participate in decision making, can contribute occasionnaly on working days, .... Different activities such as a cooking club, end of summer fiest,...are organised together,  In this way the CSA is a solidary system where farmer and consumer share harvest and risks, related to agriculture and enjoy life on the farm The Plukboerderij started in 2010.

 More information on CSA can be find on the website :

The Farm:

Kristien De Boodt

Tel: 0473 / 555 079



Celle Adriaensen

Tel: 0475 / 65.16.23


De Plukboerderij van Schelle

Steenwinkelstraat 499

2627 Schelle

BTW: BE0 885.160.929

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Community activities

We have some 'classics', going on for many seasons:: the 'PIck and Cook club, where we explore the possibilities of 'forgotten vegetables', the monthly working days, where participants come and work in the field together, 'strawberries and apetiser', at the beginning of the strawberry season,...the 'end of summer fiest', joint purchases (juce, meat, oignons, potatoes for conservation), ...There is still space for good ideas and new initiatives.

Our offer

VEGETABLESa year round

- the common vegetables

- the forgotten vegetables

- the meditaranean vegetables

- some asian vegetables


- strawberries and raberries

- red and white currents

- different berries in small amounts

- some cherries and prunes